Monday, October 15, 2012

Pumpkin patch

Our trip to the pumpkin patch included a hay wagon ride, lots of time on the wooden train, and a lot of climbing.
From Pumpkin Patch
From Pumpkin Patch
From Pumpkin Patch
In this picture, Julian is informing me that the train gravely needs water in its boiler (not kidding!)
From Pumpkin Patch
Ready to gallantly rescue a princess from the castle!
From Pumpkin Patch
Julian chooses the best pumpkin in the patch!
From Pumpkin Patch

Block Party -- Halloween Preview!

This past Saturday was our semi-annual block party. Julian and his friend Thaddeus tried out their Halloween costumes! Julian is already working on his robot voice (beep boop boop beep!)  Also, if you want to see Mommy looking really pregnant, just click on the album link...
From Block Party - Halloween Preview!
From Block Party - Halloween Preview!
From Block Party - Halloween Preview!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Ocean City

Hello from the Boardwalk!

We spent 4 days in Ocean City with the Lesmerises family, right after the 4th of July.  We rode lots of rides on the boardwalk, including Julian's favorite:  the train.

We also played some competitive games (as is the Lesmerises tradition!)

We ate lots of Manco & Manco pizza and soft pretzels.

It was sweltering, so the beach was nicest at night.

And we enjoyed our hotel, The Flanders - here is the lovely pool and lobby.

It was a great trip (though we missed Aunt Katie!)

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Capitol Tour

We squeezed in a Capitol tour before the cousins headed back to OH.  We also got a private tour of the Senate Judiciary hearing room from our (fancy & important) friend Jeremy!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Post-Birthday Fun with Family

Look at all the fun we had the day after Julian's birthday party!  

The whole family went to the Native American Museum, where we played with boats, snowshoes, and more.

We also had a walk with GoGo in the morning...

...and an egg hunt and backyard bbq with the Lesmerises family at night.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Julian's Birthday Party

Julian hosted lots of family and his neighborhood friends for his 2nd birthday party on April 28th.  First, GoGo and Zayda arrived, bringing a tow truck - hooray!

Then, Kyra and Daria, and Uncle Doug and Aunt Katie, arrived all the way from Ohio!  The girls picked out presents for Julian themselves, including a (noisy!) fire truck and a helicopter.

Guess what the party theme was?

Julian, not a fan of cake or icing, decided to focus on the watermelon (while his friends made a made rush for the Elmo cake.)

He thought the party favors were hilarious.
It was a great day!  Happy Birthday to our precious boy!

Monday, April 30, 2012

Julian Turns Two!

April 27th was Julian's 2nd birthday, and it was a fun day!   Mommy and Daddy bought him a pop-up tube-and-tent, which was set up in the living room when he came downstairs in the morning.

After he played for a little while, he had a pancake breakfast.  Next it was off to day care, where he brought in a birthday treat (Rice Krispie bars), got his face painted for field day, and had a birthday crown.

At home, he opened more presents, including his beloved garbage trucks (two of them!) and welcomed Grandma and Pop-Pop.   He showed off his big-boy skills by blowing out his birthday candles on the first try.  Then it was off for a good night's sleep, before his big PARTY the next day!